The Oval Village – London

The birthplace of a new lifestyle.
Of proximity, flexibility, and connectivity.
Where options are limitless and choices are endless.

This is the Oval Village.

Pricing (Phoenix court)

1 bedroomfrom £$60x k
2 bedroomsfrom £$86x k

Why The Oval Village?

Deep Historical Significance

The Oval Village is truly unique in that she has been restored around the Oval Gasholders. Built in 1847, they were the largest in the world, and represented a magnificant feat of Victorian engineering. Today, the historic site’s redevelopment (and restoration) heralds a new phase in its history: that of a towering symbol of a different kind of progress, where old blends with new to build a proud and tight-knit community fit for the 21st century.

Old Power, New Energy.

True Connectivity

The Oval Village is truly at the heart of it all. The City, the Thames, the West End. She’s also close to the award-winning Kennington Park, just a 5 minute walk away!

A Community With Heart

Communities need space to breathe.

Designed from path to petal by world-renowned landscape architects, the public realm and network of private residents’ gardens will give life to Oval Village. The development’s interconnected green havens will become focal points for the whole community. Spaces to mix, meet and chat; to picnic or to play; or to simply sit and be, they are gardens designed with neighbours in mind. An on-site Tesco Superstore will make shopping quick and simple, leaving you free to enjoy your weekends as weekends should be enjoyed.

A Home With Soul

All of Oval Village’s interiors are infused with a refined and minimalist material palette for a modern look, with a nod to the area’s industrial heritage. Vintage-inspired accents and fittings — including warm mango woods and powder-coated black metal — provide clean lines and reflective finishes. That, contrasted with soft, organic furniture, creates a layered and inherently beautiful aesthetic.

All of Oval Village’s apartments are designed for easy living. Their carefully thought-out layouts create a feeling of elegance, stripped back and opened up for a versatile living area to suit you. Whether you want to kick back with a drink and a movie or host an extravagant dinner party, Oval Village offers the flexibility to suit your every mood.

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